Our Founder and Dealer – Paulette Newby has been transforming lives for over 26 years. She possesses some of the very best strategic and practical compilation of skills, coupled with experience in the Real Estate and Mortgage Financing Business.

With over 26 years of experience working for the Largest and most successful Building Society in Jamaica and The English Speaking Caribbean, Paulette pioneered the company into becoming the best in the Mortgage Lending Business.

While operating in her capacity managing the company’s Mortgage Business, Miss Newby garnered a wealth of knowledge and experience, in both the Sales and the Underwriting side of the Mortgage Financing Process.

Having practiced Real Estate for over Nine years, pursuing both the Commercial and Residential Markets, Ms Newby truly knows her way around this business. Who better to trust with your Real Property Goals?

Well known for her Effective, and Efficient ways of doing business.  An ethical and moral thinker, one who feels unlimited, while being mindful of epistemological believes, ready to apply unorthodox business approaches, she will ensure you get to your FrontDoor.

A Licenced Real Estate Dealer, Trained Marketer; Construction Technologist; Project Manager; and a 21st Century Entrepreneur with Real Skills.

She is much talk about when it comes to her ethical business practices, and profound decision making.  Just ask the thousands of people in Jamaica and all over the world who have benefited from her expertise.

A True Professional with good judgment, high standards, and someone who respect you and your money.




Corporate Secretary:

Karen Wilson is a practicing Attorney with over twenty (25) years experience.

Her expertise is in the fields of Real Estate and Conveyance.  She is well learned on all matters of Land Law, Real Estate Developments and Contract Law.

Karen is a trained mediator, and a Partner in the law firm Earle & Wilson (Attorneys-at-Law).

Karen brings to FrontDoor Real Estate legal skills and experience that is second to none. She is well known in the legal fraternity for her professionalism, and precision when conducting Legal Transactions.

An articulate and conscientious Attorney-at-law, who values and respects peoples, time and money.