Hotel in Montego Bay

USD $1,000,000

JMD $145694000 | GBP £729455 | EUR €808827 | CAD $1235889



The Perfect Investment! Sitting on 1 and a half acre, the famous Brandon Hill Guest House, offers nothing but tranquility and comfort. This property is home to many memories in the hearts of many Montegonians , visitors and foreigners. The lavish lawns can easily accommodate 200 guests for weddings and functions, which is the norm , weekly at this property. The pool serves as entertainment for many Birthday parties for families. There is even a Bar where persons come to unwind and have important business meetings. You wouldn’t believe this tucked away gem is exactly 2 minutes from the heart of Montego Bay. This property has 16 apartments, which rents for US$100 per night. The ideal investor can modernize and add their special touch, to boost it’s contemporariness. This is nothing but straight investment. Bridal companies, Villa/Guest Companies and Restaurant companies can definitely tap into this venture. Your dream, awaits you.


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Courtesy of:

Irie Homes Realty Company Limited