Development Land (Residential) in Manchioneal

USD $59,400,000

JMD $8989714800 | GBP £43167898 | EUR €48038918 | CAD $75081346



Ninety (99) Nine acres of agricultural land in Betty’s Hope/Reach Falls, Manchioneal, Portland. The neighborhood of Reach Falls/Ecclesdown is a long-standing agricultural/residential community in the Eastern part of Portland. The land is very fertile and several cash crops, such as bananas, plantains, coconuts, nutmegs, ground provisions do well here. Located not too far from the famous Reach Falls, the general lushness of the area may attract certain types of tourism interests or could find appeal to persons seeking a place to relax or just quietly chill and sip coconut water.


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Courtesy of:

June Ramsay Real Estate